Retail and custom

Professional AV and UC solutions for unique customer experience

Consumers’ expectations in terms of experience and service are constantly evolving.

People are willing to spend their money where they receive the highest quality service and where they can benefit from a memorable experience.

Implementing creative AV solutions can help you transform your physical space by creating an immersive environment and making it easier to communicate key messages to your customers and guests.

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants, bars
  • Spas, beauty and hair salons
  • Fitness centers and gyms
  • Car dealers
  • Retail stores

How our professional AV solutions help you :

  • Dynamic content to attract customers
  • High quality digital signage to communicate information
  • User-friendly interactive systems to facilitate customer interaction
  • Clear audio technology to create the right atmosphere in your space
  • Interoperable products for easier integration

Companies that invest in the latest technology are able to strengthen their brand, improve service and stand out from the competition. Your sales and business success depend on your ability to deliver unique, engaging and unforgettable customer experiences.

Retail and Custom Installation Solutions


  • Video projector screens
  • Interactive displays
  • Cameras (ambient and security)
  • Cabling accessories


  • Complete DSP solutions, speakers, amplifiers and microphones, cabling, accessories

Signal distribution

  • HDBase-T transport, Dante Audio, complete A/V networking systems (AVoIP), cabling, accessories

Control and automation

  • Enterprise level asset (equipment) management and system automation

Digital signage

  • PoE powered players
  • On-premise and cloud-based management

Conference capture and recording

  • USB Capture
  • Complete NVR (network video recording) solutions


  • Structured cabling, interconnects and accessories
  • Display mounting solutions
  • Architectural connectivity (table entries, etc.)

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